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Learner Driving Lessons

Whether you've just got your learner licence and are a complete beginner or have been driving for a while but want an instructor to help with a particular skill, learner driving lessons are for you 

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If you're a complete beginner, Matthew will teach you the basics of car controls, steering, signals and the correct use of mirrors and blind spot checks. Students take control of the car and learn how to move off from and stop by the kerb and some basic intersections in the first lesson. In the first few lessons, Matthew will teach U-turn and 3 point turn manoeuvres, parking, lane driving and using turning bays and flush medians and safely joining and exiting motorways. 

Many students choose to have an instructor for a few lessons to reach a basic standard before driving with parents or other supervisor. This is an excellent decision and helps avoid students learning any "bad habits" from mum and dad! After the first few lessons it is helpful for parents to start to supervise to consolidate and practice the skills and manoeuvres to help build up the 120 hours of driving experience students should have before sitting their restricted test. 

If you have already learnt the basics or just want help with a particular skill or manoeuvre, Matthew will teach and formatively assess you and make a teaching plan for skills and manoeuvres to work on and practice.

Learner lessons are in Matthew's dual-controlled automatic car. If you want to learn in your own automatic or manual car you can discuss this with Matthew. 


Each lesson is tailored to your individual learning needs. At the start of each one-hour lesson, Matthew briefly discusses the plan for the lesson and incorporates any requests to work on. As an experienced teacher, Matthew uses a range of teaching methods to cater for individual learning styles, such as iPad animations and visuals and teaches using clear and simple step-by-step instructions. After about 45 minutes of teaching and practising, Matthew's plenary involves students reflecting on their achievements and identifies recommendations and areas to work on. Matthew uses the Achieved, Merit, Excellence grading system that students are familiar with from school so students know how they are progressing. After each lesson, Matthew emails a copy of their lesson records and grades with relevant resources to study or videos to watch. Students and parents love his emails as other driving instructors are not as thorough with providing constructive feedback. 

Students make great progress with Matthew's well-paced and planned lessons so you can achieve Driving Excellence.

Book a Driving Lesson

Visit the A1 Driving School website to book a practical driving lesson with Matthew



Tip: to book your lesson with Matthew, make sure you choose "North Shore" location and "Matthew Campbell" as your instructor. 

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