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Restricted Practice Test

Whether you want to see if you are ready to sit your test or want a mock test, Matthew will give you constructive feedback and advice to help you pass your restricted

Student passed restricted licence driving test

NZTA recommends you have 120 hours of driving experience before sitting your restricted driving test. 

If you want to see if you are ready or if you have failed your test and want help understanding why or if you have your test booked and want to do a mock test to prepare then Matthew can help you. 

A Restricted Practice Test will take you through all of the assessable manoeuvres and help you familiarise with the test route area. It can also help put you at ease so you are more relaxed for your actual test. 

Matthew is meticulous and thorough, so you will receive detailed feedback on your driving errors as well as tips and advice to improve. At the end of the practice test, Matthew will email you a summary of the feedback with relevant resources to help you prepare. 

Students can ensure they are well-prepared for their restricted and pass with Driving Excellence. 


Check out these websites to prepare for the restricted test and book your test



Prepare for your restricted licence with Drive 

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Restricted licence practical driving test

Read the latest information on the restricted test on the NZTA website

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Restricted licence test guide

 Read the test guide which provides detailed information about the restricted licence practical driving test. 

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Book a driving test

Book your practical driving test

Book a Driving Lesson

Visit the A1 Driving School website to book a practical driving lesson with Matthew



Tip: to book your lesson with Matthew, make sure you choose "North Shore" location and "Matthew Campbell" as your instructor. 

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